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Established in 1970
ROGG Verbandstoffe GmbH & Co. KG is today one of German’s leading companies in healthcare, medical disinfection and woundcare.

The name ROGG stands for a constant drive towards innovation of new products especially innovative, hypoallergenic modern wound dressings, complete compression hosiery sets ready and easy to use for professionals in medicine and care.
Simply test ROGG Verbandstoffe and receive highly qualified products at reasonable prices, with professional service and support.

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ROGG Innovations
ROGG Silikon ES
ROGG Silicone ES
Full-surface sterile silicone compress.
 NEW! Molds itself ideally to the body shape. For improved injury rest and reduced scarring. Also ideal for burn victims and during the excision of dermal cracks. 
Instructions for use or contact us for more information.
ROGG Hydrocolloid
ROGG Hydrocolloid
 Hydro active, self-adhesive wound dressing for moist injury treatment. For localized treatment of bedsores, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, for first and second degree burns, as well as at skin excision points and for smaller skin injuries. The dressing is permeable to gases, but not to liquids and bacteria. Will not adhere to the wound, which allows painless bandage exchanges without damage to the newly formed tissue.
Instructions for use or contact us for more information.